The Need Of Hour

The big huge mob biting the nature from all the sides to its clean atmospheric sheet. Throwing their anger on the smiling soul which is covered by worldly things. Expectation of blooming a flower wasn’t the same in the actual sky, Constantly changing weather was the order of the day. Roads were dig down by giant humanoid machines, Streets smelt the hazardous particles, Auto machines were yelling like never before, The peace was the thing missing, an environment could have been called of the undesired flattering elements. The material race could be the reason of this unbridled pace like ‘A big harmonious tree family has been fragmented into the unwanted soul roots’. The path of coming back has been fogged by the human desires, the love & peace became out of the connecting wires. The riches are not the problem anymore; it’s the time to find the actual disease which has to be cure. Flowing and blowing from the thousands of miles away, the soothing invisible air is being coughed by the human phenomena. Emotions of soil were burdened by a thick layer of corporation and development. ‘Sky failed to escape from the unkind sounds, the Homo sapiens succeeded in making it bound, The barbaric age could be an atmosphere of peace what was not there was today’s butter and cheese’. A deed less understanding could be more sustainable, the ancient man found less goods which were payable.

A modern age where human have found their way of living at the cost of ozone’s killing. I wish it could be a matter of bath but the living souls are indulged in moving on the dustiest path. Initially the greed starts from the succession of minor obstacles; gradually the vase of irrational appetites transforms into a shallow well. This transformational character of human is the root cause of all the environmental grievances. If the inventions could have been measured in terms of harmful consequences, it might have helped to tackle this unexpected error. The intelligent specie of earth was unable to satisfy their ‘Master’ with the resources available with them, soon they started to exploit the natural jewels and landed into a predicament atmosphere, where the unbleached power came into a direct confrontation with the standing power of its inherent and eventually made it kneel down by conquering the irreclaimable & trade marking the hidden forces.

The superhuman lies within us, locating him is to be done. Grown up as a full fledged man after watching the monumental work of few saviours, In short ‘the last inspiration of happiness’. A squad of combat requires the effort of each being. ‘The footsteps of each being would contribute to extinct the environmental evils, even if they are half a mile.’

The sole super goal of combats is to save our ‘motherland’, and they never falter in their actions. A call of saviours can be hear to help their brothers from escaping the curse of natural treasure. The proficiency in all domain of work has to be cub together before the dawn of tomorrow. ‘Rationality stands with you, when you stands on your feet’

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